day in the life at summer camp

A Day in the Life at Summer Camp

The outdoor activities. The lifelong friends. The heartfelt traditions. Every summer at camp welcomes another adventure. Wondering how we fit all the fun into one day? By instilling purpose into everything we do — every day, every summer — with a balanced, structured and scheduled agenda. We plan down to the detail and none of […]

5 Life-Changing Lessons Teens Learn at Summer Camp

Summer camp is an invaluable experience for teens. The sense of belonging unlike anywhere else offers a place to be yourself: a rare chance to love without limits or labels. The rhythm of respite, recreation and renewal inspires teens to thrive. The transformative journey to explore year after year yields advantages teens can bring to […]

things to do summer camp

Sign Me Up! Top 8 Things to Do at Summer Camp

A U.S. tradition for more than 150 years, more than ten million American kids go to camp every summer. In the beginning, the allure of camp was getting away from miserable and even unhealthy hot city summers (remember, this was before air conditioning). Camp is no doubt a popular trend and today, kids have even […]

Top Questions Parents Ask About Summer Camp

Be Prepared: Top Questions Parents Ask About Summer Camp

Is your kid ready to join the millions who attend summer camp throughout the United States each year? It’s an important question. And the quest to find the best option for your kid raises many more. We gathered some of the top questions parents ask about summer camp and filled in the blanks to help […]

Reasons to Trust a Summer Camp for Children with Special Needs

As a parent of a child with special needs, how could you possibly trust anyone to deliver the same level of care you provide day in and day out? It’s a question on the minds of many parents searching for the people and places best suited to not only understand the daily challenges common to […]